Tag: Sunrise

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thumbnail Jessie Willcox Smith – It took the form of the grandest old lady he had ever seen.  [from The Water Babies]
3422 x 4598 px
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thumbnail Kitagawa Utamaro – Women on the Beach at Futami-ga-ura [from Ukiyo-e shuka. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston III]
9503 x 4303 px
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thumbnail Keisai Eisen – Sequel to Kiso Kaidô Series, 1 : Dawn in snow at Nihombashi [from The Exhibition of Keisai Eisen in memory of the 150th anniversary after his death]
4642 x 2991 px
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thumbnail J. C. Leyendecker – “Westward Ho.” Collier’s Magazine cover. December 1907 [from The J. C. Leyendecker Poster Book]
5810 x 8488 px
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thumbnail Wada Eisaku – Matsushima-Godaido [from Retrospective Exhibition of Wada Eisaku]
4598 x 3630 px
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thumbnail Alphonse Mucha – AURORE [from Alphonse Mucha: The Ivan Lendl collection]
4542 x 2647 px
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thumbnail Henri Rivière – De la rue des Abbesses [from Les Trente-six Vues de la tour Eiffel]
5053 x 4098 px
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thumbnail Sudō Shigeru – Step on Dew [from Sudō Shigeru Lyric Art Book]
2360 x 3389 px
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thumbnail Ernst Kreidolf – Surprise [from Winter’s Tale]
5005 x 3924 px
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thumbnail Kawanabe Kyōsai – Hawk on a Pine Branch, and the Rising Sun [from Kyosai: master painter and his student Josiah Coder]
2112 x 5861 px
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thumbnail Ernst Kreidolf – The Dwarf’s House [from Meadow Dwarfs]
4470 x 5525 px